Saturday, November 28, 2009

Scents of Christmas 2009

I'm not going to bother to list all the holiday scents for this year, I will only list my current favorites. I have to admit my favorite candles are Slatkin from Bath and Body Works then Yankee but I will try to review a variety of different brands on this blog.

Winter by Slatkin & Co. says this candle has notes of pine, bay leaf, red cinnamon, and warm winter woods. I get notes of pine, orange peel, maybe a little bit of cinnamon, and a woodsy herb smell - I'll take bay leaf. This is my favorite Christmas scent this year. They've had it years past but I don't remember liking it until this year. In my opinion it's the perfect holiday scent because it combines all the typical holiday smells into one fragrance. Give this scent a chance - when I first burned it I thought it was glorious.

Spice by Slatkin & Co. says this has notes of cinnamon, spiced orange peel, and sweet vanilla cream. The main note of this candle is definitely cinnamon, but it's not too spicy like some other cinnamon candles. I definitely get a sweet note of vanilla with it as well. They've had this scent other years too and to me it's a classic for holidays.

Fresh Balsam by Slatkin & Co. says this has notes of balsam fir, eucalyptus, apple, cedarwood, and musk. I just get notes of pine and a little of eucalyptus. Even though Winter has pine notes, I always need a strong pine candle to burn right around Christmas because it reminds me of our real Christmas tree when I was little. Now there's nothing but artificial trees for my family so burning a pine candle now is a must. This pine scent is lighter than most and has more of a fresh feeling.

Last year my favorite pine was Yankee Sparkling Pine so that gets an honorable mention.

Christmas Cookie by Yankee

This is a classic for me around the holidays as well. I remember my Mother burning this in the kitchen around Christmas. Plus a good sweet cookie foodie scent I'm always a sucker for. You'll see here that I love sweet scents.

Those are my picks for Christmas '09. I have some great winter scents as well but I'll save those for a Scents of the Season post.

{Currently burning - Jack Frost by Yankee}


After a trip to buy candles that led to a lengthy discussion afterwards, my friend Josh suggested I start a blog about something I am passionate about - fragrance. This is where I will give my opionion about home fragrance - candles, room sprays, diffusers, etc. and also body care like shower gels and hand/body creams.

Future posts will be in categories like:

Scents of the Season,
Holiday Scents,
All Time Favorites,
Scents that serve a purpose (to relax, heal ailments, "set the mood"),
Scents that failed,
Compare different brands/companies and so on.

Posts will probably be weekly. I hope you enjoy. Feel free to share your comments!

{Currently Burning - Winter by Slatkin & Co.}