Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Yankee's April Scent

Garden Sweet Pea

I brought the calendar home from work so I could post the pictures for each month that go along with the scents.

"The sweet perfume of delicate blooms accented with hints of pear, peach, freesia, and rosewood." This is a sweet floral - similar to other sweet pea scents I've smelled, like from B&BW. It reminds me of a candy - like sweet tarts or smarties or something. But the mixture of floral and sweet is nice.

Monday, April 19, 2010


Finally I'll give my review of the Slatkin & Co. SCENTBUG Home Fragrance Oil Fan found at Bath & Body Works.

I bought the black one so it goes with my decor. They come in a variety of different colors though. I was hesitant to try this product. First, because it has the name "bug" in the title (to be completely honest). I hate bugs and that really turns me off. Then because I thought I didn't need another form of home fragrance - but there really is nothing else like this of this caliber. When my sister said she loves hers and I finally figured out what it really was all about, I bought one and now I love mine too!

You put 2 AA batteries (which are included) in the bottom and that's also where you store the extra cotton pads.

Then you put several drops of oil onto one pad and put it in the little drawer that pops out when you push it.

Then on the other side is the little button you push to turn it on and it turns green. There's a little fan that runs quietly that pushes the scent through the air. You press the button again to turn it off. So easy!

I put mine in my bathroom and only turn it on when I want to freshen the room. I haven't yet had to replace the pad or put more oil onto it. It still fills up the small room pretty quickly and I've had it for a couple months. I love this mainly because there's no continuous fragrance, which if you read this blog you know I hate. You turn it on when you want it, it fills the room with fragrance, and then you turn it off. I put a very neutral scent - Fresh Linen - in the one in my bathroom because it goes with other home fragrances and is year-round but you can use any of their oils. Usually whatever they have a candle in, they have it in the oil too.

I think this is a great addition to the home fragrance world. Plus, since it uses batteries (which I haven't had to replace yet either) you can take it into any room whenever you want to freshen any area of the house. Plus it's so light and small too. It doesn't take up much room so you can put it virtually anywhere and you can get a color to match your decor. You can use this if you want fragrance that is not as strong as a room spray or if you don't want to wait for candle wax to melt. Plus unlike diffusers, there's no mess with the oil. I definitely recommend these. Tip - my sister likes to change out the oil in hers so she can have different scents and when she does, she saves the cotton pad if it still has oil on it and stores it in a plastic bag so she can reuse it later.

{Currently Burning - Slatkin & Co. Green Tea & White Pear}

Monday, April 12, 2010


Time to talk about another form of home fragrance.

I think this is a love it or hate it thing. I've always liked burning incense - ever since I was introduced to it at a local hippie store/head shop - whatever you wanna call it. But recently I found it again at a privately run scent shop. It's a good way to get scent quickly and it's usually enough to fill a room. You will need an incense burner/holder to catch the ash but I always used to stick an incense stick in a votive candle if you don't have one. They come in a ton a different scents, although they do all have a similar type of aroma. I tried vanilla this time and it's really nice. Dragon's blood is very popular and one of my friend's favorite scents. I think all parents still think that if incense is burning, someone is smoking pot, and I'm sure a lot of people still use it to cover that up, but it's an interesting alternative to candle burning as well.

I bought this little dish from L'Occitane that holds their mini candles perfectly but since it has the little hole in the center, it's an incense burner too! How cool. :-) Wait till you see it with the little candle it's made for. I bought it with one of their most popular scents. That review is to come.

{Currently Burning - Pineapple Orchid by Slatkin & Co.}