Sunday, March 21, 2010

Yankee's March Scent

Midnight Jasmine

This is pretty nice for a floral scent. I like jasmine and it's good for spring. It is a tad perfumey but I would say I like it overall. It's a soft floral with the sensual, romantic jasmine fragrance so it could be called a "floriental" scent.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spring Scents 2010

After a long search, here are my picks for spring. I apologize for not having pictures for all of them. I don't know how the whole thing works with posting pictures that aren't legally yours so I'm just following the rule of only posting pictures that I have personally taken.

Slatkin & Co Green Tea and White Pear

I don't know if I liked this the first time I smelled it. I don't even know if I was interested enough to pick it up and smell it. This is very complex with a lot of different notes to it. It's fruity and fresh at the same time so it's great for spring. says "A light, clean blend of Asian pear, Yuzu, and a custom blend of green tea is infused with delicate florals gently layered over the ancient and restorative scents of oak, patchouli and warm musk". Uh...yeah, like I said...very complex.

Yankee Spa Fresh

My friend lead me on to this candle and I'm sooo glad he did. This isn't a new fragrance but I don't remember this coming out. This is one of my new favorites. Out of all Yankee candles. This has a little bit of a fresh-cut grass smell to it without being overwhelming since it has other notes to it as well. "A naturally revitalizing blend of soothing lavender, invigorating eucalyptus and stimulating mint". Those notes blend very well because I can't pick out any one of them separately.

Slatkin & Co Pineapple Orchid

"Delicate white orchid blended with sweet pineapple and rich black currant." This is pretty sweet. But it has the floral that is typical of spring. I don't like straight floral scents, as you can see from my picks for spring, so I like that this mixes a floral with a sweet. I also have this Scentportable in my car right now. But be careful, I was in my sister's car today and her scentportable starting to drip onto my pants! So be careful not to puncture the little pocket where the oil/gel/scent is.

Slatkin & Co Nectarine Mint

I was first introduced to this scent as an anti-bac soap so I never really gave it a chance as a home fragrance item but I love it so much, why not? Fruity and fresh, mixing different items found in a spring garden. Perfect. "A fresh blend of juicy nectarine, grapefruit, sugar, and crisp mint leaves."

C.O. Bigelow Lemon

No one does lemon like Bigelow. No one. Bath and Body Works has a couple lemon fragrances and so does Yankee but they're nothing like this. I couldn't find this item on but I did find it listed on Is that even an official site? It looks like one. Weird. Anyway, their lemon line is amazing. The lemon perfume is actually one of my all time favorite perfumes. Also perfect for spring and summer. Unfortunately, Bath and Body Works does not sell this candle. Their Bigelow selection is kind of small. But if you can get to one of the Bigelow stores, get this candle.

Yankee Early Sunrise

I gave a full review of this earlier so I'll refrain from doing it again. But like I said before, this was the only brand new spring scent from Yankee that I liked.

{Currently Burning - Spa Fresh by Yankee}

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spring is Here!!!!!

I am making the official annoucement. Spring is officially here and if you have been having the dramatic weather change Pittsburgh has been having lately, you would agree with me. I am super excited. I have taken down the snowman wreath on my door and replaced it with a spring garden sign, the snowman and polar bear B&BW soap dispensers have been thrown away (I used most of the soap) and spring anti-bac scents are out, spring pillows are put on the patio chairs and the Christmas/winter candles and scents are put away and not to be seen again until late November.

I'm doing some shopping this weekend to find a great spring scent but for now I'm burning Slatkin & Co.'s Strawberry Patch. describes this scent as "Succulent and sweet - this invigorating fragrance quenches your thirst with ripe strawberries, juicy mango, and tropical white peach gently layered with rich vanilla." It is extremely sweet. When I first burned it (last year) I didn't like it and put it away. When I took it out this year, I didn't mind it as much. It's still really sweet and sugary, but I don't hate it. Maybe that's just how much I'm longing for spring scents. And I missed Slatkin after all those Yankee reviews. For now, it'll do. Happy Spring! Go outside and frolic.

I guess I need to put away the snowflake Yankee Candle plate. :-)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Yankee's New Spring Scents - Ocean Blossom

Tooooo strong again. Almost headache-inducing. I thought I'd like this scent also since it sounds like a nice tropical summery scent but not so much. I think it might be the worst one! This smells like perfume too. says "Like a swim in a tropical lagoon ... paradise calls in this blend of sea salt, lotus and water lily." Sea salt...really? I would say this is a strong fresh floral.

Overall I'm not a big fan of Yankee's new spring scents, as you can tell from my reviews. The only one I would consider buying in a larger size is Early Sunrise. The other ones are just too strong and perfumey and fake smelling for me. I have some great summer candles I'm saving but I have yet to find the perfect spring scent this year. I'll keep looking!