Saturday, August 27, 2011

Yankee's August Scent

Mountain Lake

I have expressed my dislike for Yankee's outdoor scents before. To me, they're too strong and all smell like men's cologne so this is no different. "A refreshing retreat ... the cooling scent of mountain pines and cypress with notes of lily and musk."

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

July 2011 Birchbox Review

KIND Fruit & Nut Almond & Apricot Bar

This should be called Almond COCONUT Apricot Bar because I tasted coconut the most (which is one my favorite tastes and smells so I thought this was yum! The nuts were crunchy but the bar overall was soft and you could pull it apart easily, It's bendable as opposed to something that breaks off in pieces. It has to be all that yummy honey that holds it all together. It's pretty darn good for you too. Nutrition Facts: All natural, Gluten & Wheat free, Low Glycemic Index, 5g of fiber, non gmo and no trans fats, dairy free, very low sodium, no sulphur dioxide. Wow that's a lot of stuff to just put on the front of the label. I haven't even gotten to the ingredients list yet - basically it's honey, nuts, and fruit and it's yummy. I think I've seen this sold on QVC. Yup - they have an assortment on their website of 2 different flavors, 18 bars for $37. I don't think I would go searching for these or buy them online since they have comparisons in stores but if I were to see this exact brand readily accessible, I'd buy one.

Zoya Polish in Shay

This was the first time I've tried Zoya nail polish and I really liked it. So far, my favorite polishes are Essie and Zoya. This polish stayed on my nails without chipping for a couple days and had a little bit of luminescence to it. It's a great nude color for an understated clean look. Next time I'd like to try something more vibrant.

AHAVA Mineral Hand Cream

The texture of this hand cream is great. It's similar to a cream to powder finish - velvety smooth. The product soaks into your hands almost immediately without any greasy residue. Unfortunately, it smells like baby powder to me so I won't be purchasing a full size. (I can't stand baby powder scents.)

Philosophy Purity Made Simple

Honestly, I haven't even opened this. I'm saving it for a travel cleanser since I don't seem to have one. I've used this before and I remember not being a huge fan. They claim that it "melts" all the makeup right off your face and yeah it might do that but it's full of oils and I think this made me break out before. I don't mind the smell, some don't like it. This product is very highly reviewed and gets very mixed reviews. Check them out if you're still curious.

Redken Shine Flash

My curly hair is naturally shiny so I have no need for this produst so I included it in my most recent giveaway!

Sorry it took me so long to get this review up. I don't write on here that often anymore but I'm still gonna continue it. Honestly, if you're wanting more in depth reviews on products I feature in my youtube videos, follow me on twitter because it's sooo much easier and quicker to portray my thoughts on there. Thanks for watching/reading!

Yankee's July Scent

Sun and Sand

I remember liking this one from last year. More fresh than beachy but not over the top. "A tropical beach breeze of sweet orange flower, lemony citrus, fresh lavender and powdery musk." Reading those notes made me like this scent even more.