Sunday, February 20, 2011

Victoria's Secret Pink Body Mists

I got a gift set for Christmas of 4 All-over body mists by Victoria's Secret Pink. They were travel sizes and came in a really cute box. They are currently selling the same scents in a new gift box with flowers for spring on their website Just do a search for body mist and it will come up. Here's a picture of the box I got:

It can obviously be used to hold other things. These are just 4 of the scents they carry - I'm guessing maybe 4 of the most popular and ones they carry all the time. I've noticed there have been some other scents seasonally that have been retired so it seems they always have new scents coming out.

This product is stronger than a body splash. It's more like a perfume so I wouldn't use it all over the body. I only spray it a couple times. says it "lightly moisturizes with aloe and chamomile". 2 of these scents I like (sweet & flirty and soft & dreamy) and 2 of them I don't (fresh & clean and pretty & pure).

Pretty & Pure has a green/teal cap and has a strong floral perfumey smell. It has a "green" scent, if you know your perfumes, you'll know what I mean. It's not bad, it's just a little strong for me. The website describes it as "Scented with a delicate blend of pure jasmine & pink lemonade."

Fresh & clean has a light blue cap and this actually is more of a blue scent that smells like men's cologne to me. I don't mind notes of cologne in a candle but I don't want to be smelling that on myself all day long. This one is probably my least favorite. "Scented with a sparkling mix of crisp apple and soft lily."

Sweet & flirty is the sweet one with the purple cap. (They did a really good job of naming these and creating the colors that represent them.) I like sweet perfumes so I like this one but sometimes it can be a bit too candy sweet. It doesn't have many notes other than just....sweet. "Scented with a sparkling mix of sweet sugar berry and pink grapefruit."

Soft & Dreamy is probably my favorite. It's sweet but is a little more complex than sweet & flirty. This one has the dark blue cap. It reminds me of cotton candy but don't let that deter you because it's not too sweet for me to wear all day. It is soft, they're right about that. When I hear soft to describe a scent I usually think of baby powder so I didn't think I would like this, but there are no traces of baby powder here. "Scented with a comforting blend of pink meringue and vanilla whipped cream."

If you like to try new scents and are new to this line of fragrance, this gift set of 4 smaller sizes is perfect for you. Let me know what you think!

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  2. I've been looking for these perfumes online, ( the miniature version) but found none :(