Saturday, December 10, 2011

November 2011 Birchbox Review

Watch me opening the box here:

Klorane Eye Makeup Remover

This eye makeup remover is gentle and almost a little bit cooling but gives my eyes no irritatation. It is not greasy or oily at all like most eye makeup removers used to be. I'm a fan and I've used this several times. The only drawback to this small sample size is that the opening is so tiny, I have to dab it on cotton several times to get a large enough amount of it to wipe off makeup. And it does take several swipes to remove all eyeshadow and mascara but it works. I won't purchase it full size because the Neutrogena and Ole Henriksen facial wipes I have both take off all makeup and those are more convenient overall.

LaRocca Body Polish

I didn't see what was so amazing about this body polish. I guess it's a scrub, I'm still not sure. The unique thing I noticed was that it is thick and it seemed like it had a lot of oil in it. I used it on my hands and water seemed to almost bead off my hands instead of forming any type of lather so it's not your usual scrub. It smells vaguely citrusey but not great. I didn't notice any shimmer like the name suggests. Eh.

Oscar Blandi Jasmine Protein Mist

Like I mentioned in the video, I use this brand's dry shampoo and I like it so I wanted to love this product but I'm not sure what it does. It says it's for restyling and that you can use it on your hair before applying heat or use it on damp hair to restyle. It smells great like the dry shampoo does with the sweet creamy fresh lemon scent but it didn't really do much for me. It doesn't have any hold which I would appreciate for restyling my curly hair. Maybe this would be better for straight hair or someone that is going to use a flat iron. It just made my hair smell nice.

Zoya Noel

Love love love love love. This dark shimmery blue is gorgeous and there is a lot of shimmer especially in the light. Plus it's a 5 on the opaque scale so that means I only have to use one coat to get gorgeous color and no streaking. It's described as a cool metallic and part of the Gems and Jewels collection.

Chuao Chocolatier Chocopod

If you follow my twitter or channel, you know that I loved this. Check out my video review on the items I purchased:

And my bonus the Bauble Bar bracelet

I am not usually a fan of bracelets but I've worn this several times. I love it! So much, I went to the website hoping to find more colors and I think I saw only one other one in brown. I can't remember but this was the best one. I also caught the phrase, "As seen on Justin Bieber" and that ALMOST made me like it less but it didn't. It's gorgeous, goes with everything, can be dressed up, and is so adjustable. I think it retails for $20 so this gift from Birchbox is amazing. Thank you!

This is probably the best Birchbox yet, although the time I got a full size Laura Geller Baked Blush and Brighten comes to mind too but it made me super glad I didn't cancel my subscription like many others did recently.

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