Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Aromatherapy - Sleep

This just seems like the perfect time to talk about fragrances that help me sleep. I don't know how well aromatherapy really works scientifically but I do know the sense of smell is very powerful so you might want to give these favorites of mine a try. All of mine contain lavender, some of them chamomile. Plus my mother always said a cup of chamomile tea always helps encourage sleep as well!

This is my favorite - Aromatherapy Concentrated Room Spray Sleep - Lavender Chamomile from Bath and Body Works. I feel it's the most effective since it is powerful and fills a whole room. I only spray this once right around my bed before I go to sleep- anything else is too strong for me.

I like to put this on my hands and arms right before I go to sleep - Aromatherapy Hand Cream, same scent, from Bath and Body Works. That way I can stay moisturized and smell the scent at the same time. I like the hand cream better than the lotion because it's thicker and sinks into the skin more therefore moisturizes better - their lotion is a little greasy to me.

They sell other products in the same line that I've tried but I haven't liked them as much. I tried the pillow mist but who wants to put their head on a wet pillow? And if you let it dry before laying down you can't really smell it anymore. If you don't like this scent, they do have others - Black Chamomile, Lavender Vanilla, and Warm Milk and Honey.

This is from the Perlier line - the number 1 bath and body line in Italy. You can purchase this line from HSN and also find it in discount stores like Marshalls and TJMaxx sometimes. This is the Lavender Moisturizing Bath and Shower Cream. I love Perlier products as you'll see. They use great, natural ingredients and leave the skin feeling so soft without feeling greasy. This scent is just a natural lavender and is great to use in the shower at night before bed.

I like this line but I have to say this product I don't use as often as the others. This is Badger Sleep Balm - A Calming Sleep Enhancer. It has ingredients like organic extra virgin olive oil with essential oils of bergamot, ginger, rosemary, lavender, and balsam fir. You are directed to rub a little bit on pressure points like temples, neck or even lips. My brother really likes this product but keep in mind you are rubbing a balm onto your skin instead of a lotion or cream so it might be better for guys. But don't worry it's not too greasy. Also I recommend putting it somewhere where you'll smell it. I think my brother even rubs it right underneath his nose. It's a great line though, check it out. You can buy it several different places but the closest place for me is the Cracker Barrel Old Country Store.

Let me know what your favorite sleep remedies are! Sweet Dreams.

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  1. First of all, apparently we are scent-synced, because we were burning Jack Frost at the same time on Sunday, and now we're both burning Winter at the same time! hahah

    As for sleep, I think I might try Sleep Balm, as long as it doesn't make me break out. My friend Angel rubs Tiger Balm all over herself before going to sleep. It's kind of hard to explain the scent...slightly Vicks-ish; menthol I suppose. She swears by it.

    I think more than anything it comes down to getting into a routine and habit. Those calming activities help you to fall asleep as much or more than the scents themselves.

  2. Haha I love it, and I'm not surprised. Yeah the Badger Balm never made me break out and it does say it's safe to use on your face. The smell definitely has a lot of notes - but I get rosemary and lavender first. Thanks for posting!