Thursday, December 17, 2009

Winter Scent Comparison

There are two seasonal scents this winter that are very similar. I found myself buying both, however, because to me they are very different. I'll try to explain this madness in this comparison post. I will be comparing Yankee Candle's Jack Frost and Slatkin & Co's Twisted Peppermint.

Ok to start with a returning favorite of mine: Jack Frost.

I have to burn this whenever it snows because it is a complete winter experience. This is a vanilla peppermint (in that order). But it's so much more. It's fresh without having too much menthol. It's cool and calm while also being sweet. This to me is not just a candle with different notes - it's an experience. It's walking through a Christmas tree forest picking out the perfect tree in feet of snow or enjoying a sleigh ride drawn by horses while sipping hot chocolate. Sorry if that was lame. Yankee keeps changing the label every year and I'm not a huge fan of the current childish version of the snowman, but- minor detail.

Then there's the scent that I have loved the body products of and that they promised would be online only this year, but apparently after so many requests this was brought into stores- Slatkin & Co's Twisted Peppermint.

This is very much a peppermint vanilla. This is more invigorating and not as sweet. There is definitely a menthol feel in this one but there is still vanilla lingering so it reminds me of a candy cane, hence the name I guess. I'll enjoy burning this in the winter because it is a little harsh and "cold" similar to the bitter cold of snowy weather in Pittsburgh. I still have the body cream in this scent, but have stopped using it to save what I have left. I hope they bring that back.

Well feel free to give one of these a try. I know some people really don't like mint-anything but if you're not one of those people, you might like one of these. In the meantime, I hope you all have a great White Christmas!

{Currently Burning - Spice by Slatkin & Co.}

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