Sunday, February 21, 2010


Overall - not one of my favorite ways to fragrance a home but I have learned to appreciate them. I think their number one purpose is to look pretty and as long as you have a nice vase/holder for the oil, I think they do. And it is nice that you can control the amount of fragrance by how often you flip over the sticks, how many sticks you flip over, and how much oil you put in the jar. The things I don't like about diffusers mainly involve the oil. Everytime you flip the sticks, the oil gets on your fingers and it can drip down the vase or spill onto the surface you're using as you're turning the sticks over. Plus it is very hard to find good diffusers that give off enough scent to smell at all. These certainly will not fill a room with fragrance so let's not even go there. I would say these are mainly for home decor with light fragrance. I haven't tried a lot of different brands but I can say don't bother with ones from Pier One. They have a wide variety of unique scents that smell great in the store but hardly give off any scent at all.

My first recommendation are the diffusers from Costco. I bought mine awhile ago and they had a twin pack. One was a fireside-like scent (can't remember if that was the exact name) and the other was a vanilla. This vanilla is sitting right by my entrance so you can smell it as soon as you walk into the door. The writing on the vase says Essenza. I'm not sure if that was the brand name or not since I threw away the box but the vase has a nice sleek shape and is quite large.

The other diffuser I'm loving was a gift but I think it was from Walmart. It was part of a Valentine's set and I have to say I'm like addicted to this scent. The kit is called Chocolate and Sensual Roses and the scent of the oil does have a chocolate smell but it's much more than that. I know, when you hear something has a scent of chocolate, you think it must smell really cheap, especially if it's from Walmart but I LOVE THIS!! I think the scent might actually be both chocolate and roses. I think I would even wear this as a perfume. I don't know if you can still find this, but maybe keep an eye out next year.

The gift set is so cute too. It comes with 2 nice red tealight holders, tealights, and faux red rose petals which actually don't come off as tacky. Of course real would be better for a romantic night with a loved one but these are great for decoration because they look real and they're reusable. I am loving this gift set.

And how cute is that little round vase with the little red bow? And the red oil is pretty in the jar and when it dies the sticks red on the top.

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