Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Yankee's New Spring Scents - Drift Away

I'll be reviewing all of Yankee's new spring scents with the exception of Tahitian Tiare Flower - that one is too floral for me so I didn't even bother buying it. I bought the tarts in these scents because they're cheaper and I can sample a lot of different ones without investing too much. I think it's a nice way to burn "candles" if you just wanna smell them for a couple days and move on.

This scent is definitely a "blue" scent as I would say. It's fresh, cool, an ocean water scent. It does remind me of fabric softener after awhile but it's not bad. Nothing really makes this one special though, and it doesn't stand out enough for me to ever buy it again. This is how describes it: "Cares float away on peaceful, blue waters surrounded by lush woodlands."


  1. Have you ever tried a candle warmer instead of burning? I guess its kind of a hot plate, that you put your jar candles on to warm them and release the scent. I wonder if they work as well as burning.

  2. Hmm, good question. Honestly I've never tried candle warmers because I never saw the point. I guess the pros would be - if you're in a dorm or somewhere where you can't "burn" anything and yeah there's no flame but hot plates aren't completely safe and there's still risk of the candle tipping over and hot wax falling out. Big cons for me: I don't want to have to buy something extra to burn a candle - matches are really cheap, and you have to plug it in so it would have to be near an outlet. But, to each his own! I guess some people love them. :)