Sunday, October 17, 2010

B&BW Vanilla Bean Noel

The time is upon us where the Holiday Traditions line at B&BW is available once again. When it comes to body care, this is my favorite line at B&BW. Every other line or scent they have, especially the signature collection, is way too strong and overpowering. The holiday traditions line is creamy and lightly scented. I stock up when it's available because it is only in stores and online during the holidays. The scents and products available along with the packaging change every year slightly. This year they have the returning favorites vanilla bean noel, winter candy apple (my sister's favorite), and twisted peppermint, and the new snow kissed berry.

My favorite scent in this line is Vanilla Bean Noel. Twisted Peppermint comes in a close second and I only use that scent in winter since the cool vanilla peppermint seems appropriate at that time. But VBN you can use all year round. My favorite product in this line is the body cream. Thick and creamy yet absorbed by the skin quickly. I do not like the lotion - I find it thin, not very moisturizing, yet greasy and sticky. The scent is yum yum yum. Vanilla, caramel, cream. Sometimes it has a cotton candy scent but it is not strong or overly sweet. Trust me on that. says "Our exclusive Vanilla Bean Noel is a warm blend of fresh vanilla bean, warm caramel and rich, comforting cream." This year, the body mist is better than last year. It smells like alcohol in the bottle but you can smell the scent when you spray it on. It just doesn't last very long. They also came out with it in a "HandiBac" this year which is my answer to wanting it in travel sizes. It's a travel size hand lotion that is also antibacterial.

They always have good deals on these products making it easy to stock up. I bought them when they were buy three get three free. That's a darn good deal. I'm not sure if that deal is still on or not. VBN comes in other products available now like lotion, shower gel, and pocket bac. I just reviewed my favorite products in the line. Check it out at their website or in stores.

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  1. Vanilla Bean Noel is actually what got me into Bath & Body Works!

    After that, I became obsessed with the Slatkin & Co. candles. There's no turning back now...haha!