Monday, October 4, 2010

Fresh Citron de Vigne

I had the pleasure of going into a Fresh store for the first time while I was visiting New York City a couple weeks ago. I. Loved. It. It's heaven for a scent lover like me. They have a ton of different scents and they come in different products (some more than others) - perfume, candles, soap, lotion, shower gel, etc. The associate there helped me since it was my first time there and she recommended 4 different products - 2 of which I bought. I bought their Sugar Rose Lip Treatment but it's the Citron de Vigne perfume I wanna talk about.

The website has a blurb about this fragrance that you can go there to read since I can't copy and paste it. They describe it as "a crisp, sparkling scent inspired by France's champagne region." It looks like this is their most popular scent currently, or just the featured one and comes in a wide variety of products.

It's like a more sophisticated and upscale version of Bigelow's Lemon perfume. It's fresh and a little sweet with citrus/lemon notes and you can definitely smell the champagne as well. It's a young sophisticated scent. I say that because usually when a scent is described as "sophisticated" it smells like a strong old lady perfume but this is nowhere near that. I bought it in the medium 1 oz size to try it first and thought it was a good value. This bottle has more perfume than the rollerball but you can still carry it in your purse. This has a good staying power on me too and you only need 1 or 2 sprays.

If you haven't been to one of these stores, I recommend going if you can find one. I think they sell a limited number of products at beauty stores like Sephora but going into their store is a great experience. You can sample all their unique perfumes (there's something for everyone) and when I went, there were large jars (almost vats) of retired perfume scents they brought back and mixed themselves in the store. Exciting.

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