Monday, March 28, 2011

New Slatkin Scents

Bath & Body Works recently came out with a new "Boardwalk" collection of candles: Lemon Gelato, Cotton Candy, and Salty Caramel and 2 new candles in their new "Fresh Picked" line: Summer Berries and Fresh Picked Cherries. I will give a brief description of all of these scents and review Fresh Picked Cherries more extensively since it's the only one from these new ones I've burned so far.

I purchased all of them except Summer Berries. That one just smelled like grape juice to me so I wasn't too impressed but describes it as "A summer blend of wild blackberry, sweet vine-ripened strawberry and fresh blueberry with a hint of nectarine."

Fresh Picked Cherries

When I first burned this candle I was extremely sad and disappointed that it had the same problem as many Slatkin candles before it of the "low burn" I call it. This is where the wicks seem to burn at the bottom and the flame is very low so isn't strong enough to melt a pool of wax all the way across the top of the candle. If you blow it out before it has the chance to pool evenly, it pretty much ruins the candle since only half the wax will melt and the wicks never get a chance to correct themselves and you won't even really be able smell it. BUT if you burn the candle for as long as possible, pretty much all day and night, the problem will eventually correct. Because now when I burn this candle, it's perfectly normal, I can smell it and I love it. It smells exactly like the cherry Airhead candy. Tart and sweet. The offical description reads "A delicious blend of sweet red cherry, bright apple and vanilla cream." The soap in this scent, however, smelled like Robitussin.

Cotton Candy

I was probably most excited to burn this one out of the new scents. It's surprisingly complex. It's not too sweet and doesn't just smell like sugar. I can't seem to pick out any other specific notes though. It's very light so I just hope the smell is strong when burned. "Spun sugar and vanilla bean blend deliciously with a hint of sweet tangerine."

Lemon Gelato

Yum yum yum. I love lemon scents and this is a delicious creamy one. That's how it differs from Fresh Lemon. Fresh Lemon has a little bit of a tart sugar smell but Lemon Gelato is creamy and smells like a dessert. Fresh Lemon smells more like a cleaner. "Bright lemon citrus and creamy vanilla meringue." Seems they got lazy with that description.

Salty Caramel

This one belongs to the scent category that I like to call "Brown Bakery Scents" along with Slatkin's Kitchen Spice, Yankee's Almond Biscotti, and Wick Hut's Chocolate Chip Cookies. You have to be in the mood to burn these scents, but when you do the smell of baking fills the whole house. And that goes along with what I've heard of Salty Caramel which is that it is very strong. But that's one of the requirements of a good candle to me. If I'm paying good money for a candle, I want it to make a difference in my home and give me a whole sensory experience. This one definitely isn't too sweet and has a lot of nuttiness. "Sweet cream and caramel sprinkled with glazed pecans."

Ok I think I've obsessed about candles enough for one night.

{Currently Burning - Fresh Lemon by Slatkin & Co.}

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