Friday, March 4, 2011

Spring Scents 2011

Spa Fresh by Yankee Candle

This might be my favorite spring scent. It's one of the few Yankee candles I still burn. Not too strong of any one note - it's fresh, herbal, and cool all at the same time. I just realized they no longer sell this. Wow I think I'm officially done with Yankee. They have gotten rid of ALL their good scents.

Garden Cucumber by Yankee Candle

This came back as a classic last year after being retired. Fresh fresh fresh. It's the cucumber melon without the sickening sweet melon. Just right. But you can't get this one either darn it!!! Maybe Ebay.

Slatkin & Co. Pineapple Orchid

This is a little sweet but it has the floral note needed for a spring candle. Way LESS sweet than one of the new Slatkin scents this season - Passion Flower (I had to blow that one out). "Delicate white orchid blended with sweet pineapple and rich black currant."

Slatkin & Co. Green Daisy

This was a spring scent last year that came our very late in the season for a limited time only - it may have even been a summer scent but I think it works best in spring. It's your green candle - perfect for when everything is blooming and you can see the grass again after all the snow has melted. I guess the most similar candle out now is Fresh Bamboo but I like this one better.

Slatkin & Co. Fresh Lemon

Not my favorite lemon candle but it seems to be the best available in stores right now. It has a strong lemon scent but also a sugary scent. Don't get me wrong - this isn't a typical sweet lemon like a lemon cream or a lemon vanilla. It has a tart sugary smell like a Lemonhead or a lemon Chuckle. You're welcome for that perfect description. :) Here's there's: "Sparkling lemons and delicious fresh citrus are blended with Chinese orange blossom, exotic palm leaf, and rich vanilla cream."

Slatkin & Co. Cranberry Pear Bellini

I reviewed this in an earlier post and it's not longer in stores, like several other of my spring picks but I think some of these are worth buying on ebay if you don't purchase them when they come out and save them until the right time to burn them like me. :)

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