Sunday, January 3, 2010


I hope that the one person who reads this blog had a wonderful Christmas, or whatever, and happy New Year.

I went overboard with buying holiday scented candles this year like I usually do so I'm still burning up those. So it'll be Winter, Fresh Balsam, Spice, Christmas Cookie, and Jack Frost for awhile.

I bought some Fireside products (by Slatkin & Co. from Bath and Body Works) for my brother for Christmas and he liked them so that's another recommendation. I bought him the three wick candle and Scentport. Another scent great for winter...or fall.

I also just bought the 2010 Yankee Candle calendar which I'm excited about. Besides the beautiful pictures each month showcasing a certain scent, there's also a peel off sticker that lets you sample the candle scent as well. So more new scents to come! Stay tuned!

{Currently Burning - Winter by Slatkin & Co.}

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