Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spring is Here!!!!!

I am making the official annoucement. Spring is officially here and if you have been having the dramatic weather change Pittsburgh has been having lately, you would agree with me. I am super excited. I have taken down the snowman wreath on my door and replaced it with a spring garden sign, the snowman and polar bear B&BW soap dispensers have been thrown away (I used most of the soap) and spring anti-bac scents are out, spring pillows are put on the patio chairs and the Christmas/winter candles and scents are put away and not to be seen again until late November.

I'm doing some shopping this weekend to find a great spring scent but for now I'm burning Slatkin & Co.'s Strawberry Patch. describes this scent as "Succulent and sweet - this invigorating fragrance quenches your thirst with ripe strawberries, juicy mango, and tropical white peach gently layered with rich vanilla." It is extremely sweet. When I first burned it (last year) I didn't like it and put it away. When I took it out this year, I didn't mind it as much. It's still really sweet and sugary, but I don't hate it. Maybe that's just how much I'm longing for spring scents. And I missed Slatkin after all those Yankee reviews. For now, it'll do. Happy Spring! Go outside and frolic.

I guess I need to put away the snowflake Yankee Candle plate. :-)

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  1. Just put away my snowflake tea light holder (masculine and NON-yankee...ha), and I have been alternating Yankee Lemon Lavendar, Spa Fresh, and Slatkin's White Tea & Green Pear. Still don't feel like I have *THE* scent for spring. I think I need to go to an old standard like a Hyacintch or something like that that is a CLEAN Easter-ish floral, or a clean Cucumber/Grass/Melon, etc....thoughts/suggestions?