Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Summer Scents 2010

Here are my picks for summer candles this year.

Slatkin & Co. Seaside Escape

"Free yourself with a delightful blend of bright citrus, jasmine, and rum layered with hints of guava, rich vanilla, and musk." When I smell this, the only notes I can pick out are pineapple and a blue scent like ocean water, but this is more complex. It's a cool, tropical scent. A relaxation vacation. I think this one is my favorite.

Slatkin & Co. Island Nectar

"An intoxicating island dream of sparkling tropical fruits blended seductively with lush vanilla, warming rum, and sensual musk." This is orange, passionfruit, guava (or at least it seems like it would be as I have never smelled an actual passionfruit or guava), and vanilla. It's tropical and fruity.

Slatkin & Co. Caribbean Escape

"Indulge in a sweet, tropical blend of melon, raspberry nectar, and Italian lemon tempered with creamy coconut milk and raw sugarcane." Another escape. I smell pineapple again but I get other fruits too like the melon. This is a little sweeter than Seaside and it doesn't have any of the fresh notes. This is a sweet, fruity tropical.

Wick Hut Butt Naked

This is a brand new candle brand for me and I will dedicate another post talking just about them but I am including this scent in my summer picks because it's pretty unique. It's their best selling scent and can be purchased on their website www.thewickhut.com. "Wonderful base notes of granny smith apples and honeydew melon, middle notes of strawberries and pears with an added hint of spice." It has the fruits you would see in a summer candle (and some more) but you definitely can smell the different base note of the added spice. It's quite interesting. Stay tuned for more information and my thoughts on this brand.

Yankee Candle Sun and Sand

"A tropical beach breeze of sweet orange flower, lemony citrus, fresh lavender and powdery musk." I sampled a lot of summer scents from Yankee and this is the only one that I thought I would include. I've been pretty disappointed in that brand lately. But this scent is nice and beachy. I don't exactly get the notes they describe but I guess all those mixed together add up to sun and sand, which I think is an appropriate title because it actually does smell like that. I don't have a picture because I threw the wrapper on my tart away by accident but it's a nice light brown sand color.

Hope you enjoy! Burn some candles this summer to "take you away" to a vacation while staying right in your living room.

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