Thursday, August 19, 2010

Casa di Francesca Diffusers

This collection is found on HSN - on tv or The brand is represented by Katie Borghese - the wife of Skip Borghese, one of the representatives of Perlier Italian Bath and Body.

I first purchased one of these diffusers for my mom for Mother's Day. There's a wide variety of scents and they have starter kits with oil, diffuser sticks, and a handblown Italian vase and they also have refill kits with just oil and sticks. I bought my mom the Honeysuckle & Night Blooming Jasmine. I thought it was a great scent even though I'm not a big fan of florals. It had a lot of scent for a diffuser and the smell was very authentic, unique, and high end - not cheap smelling at all (which is good because these are kind of expensive).

Then I purchased a set of mini diffusers on sale for myself during a recent event they had. I purchased the Eat, Pray, Love™ Casa di Francesca Mini Diffuser Set which is still available on (Both of the products that I purchased are also customer picks which means it has an average of 4-5 stars out of 5 based on customer reviews and ratings.)

I loved the idea of getting three small ones because I couldn't pick just one scent and I could put them in my bedroom without too much constant fragrance. HSN did a big "Eat, Pray, Love" event so this kit comes with a scent for each of the places that the character/author of the book/movie visited:

Italy - Lavender, Rosemary, and Thyme (herbal and fresh with a little bit of spice)

India - Cinnamon and Vanilla (not too potent of a cinnamon and is nice and sweet)

Bali - Frangipani, Ylang Ylang, and Jasmine (soft floral that reminded me of clouds)

Let me just say - GIFT GIFT GIFT!!! The packaging is impeccable for the whole line really but especially this set. It's twenty dollars which seems expensive but this is all made in Italy and will probably be the best diffusers you've ever smelled/used. The scents also come individually in their own set with more oil and really pretty vases - different for each one. The sticks they use absorb very well and the scent dissipates throughout a whole room if you keep flipping them over. These are by far the top of the line when it comes to diffusers and they have made me really enjoy this form of home fragrance. I will definitely come back to this line for gift giving again and for myself. You'll be pleasantly surprised at how lovely the packaging really is - even the inside of the box is printed with a map and there's gold foil accents on the outline of the box and a story of "Francesca" on the back. Give this set a try before it sells out!

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