Thursday, August 5, 2010

Yankee Candle Fragrance Mixology

Yankee Candle is now advertising "Fragrance Mixology" by making it possible to burn multiple scents at one time with their new triple votive holder. They have a long list of "recipes" with scents to combine on their website. You can either burn two or three at a time, or even just one if you wanted. I like this new idea and it's fun and easy to come up with your own combinations as well. Votives don't last long but that allows you to keep trying new mixes and they are inexpensive to buy. Plus the scent throw ends up being stronger than with just one votive.

Here are Yankee's combinations that I have tried:

Toasted Marshmallows: Fireside™ and Vanilla Cupcake

Fireside overpowered this combination and I like that scent but if I were to burn this mix again, I would do two Vanilla Cupcakes and one Fireside and see if that made the scents more even.

Super Clean: Spiced Orange and Lemon Lavender

I love this. Spiced Orange is one of the new fall fragrances in the Yankee line and I think it's one of the best ones. It reminds me a little bit of Wick Hut's Mandarin Tiki. I was able to smell both scents and it created a wonderfully fresh scent that could be burned year round.

Warm Muffins: Cranberry Orange, Cinnamon & Sugar and French Vanilla

This is my favorite. This combination should be made into it's own candle. Cranberry Orange is also one of the new fall scents and it might be my favorite. This scent combination is just what you want your house to smell like all the time. It reminds me a little bit of fall but it's definitely a year round fragrance. It's a little spice and sweet and comforting. I know they already have a scent called "Home Sweet Home" but that's what comes to mind with this scent.

Bed & Breakfast: Cranberry Orange and Home Sweet Home®

I couldn't even really smell this one. Maybe since it's only two votives but you can smell the Super Clean combination a lot more. These would be 2 great scents to burn alone. If you're going for a "Bed & Breakfast" feel, I would go with the Warm Muffins combination.

I would recommend trying the mixology. The votive holder and votives are inexpensive and there's probably an endless combination of candles to mix. Once you burn them for awhile, the wax runs into the other candles so it creates a new color and it's own scent which is pretty cool (as pictured below with "Warm Muffins").

You can still find the list of scent combinations by searching for "mixology" on Yankee's website.

{Currently Burning - Island Nectar by Slatkin & Co}


  1. when you burn only 2 does all the wax pool into the empty slot? That's my only concern in getting the triple votive holder.

  2. Not all the wax but a little bit - yes. That's why I prefer to burn three votives at a time. But enough wax is still left burning in the two slots for a good enough scent throw.