Sunday, January 16, 2011

Henri Bendel Candle Review

The next product I bought in Philadelphia worthy of reviewing was a Henri Bendel candle. I've seen the candles being sold at Bath & Body Works before but with everything else to choose from and with them being so expensive in comparison, I never bought one. But in King of Prussia, they had a Henri Bendel boutique and I wanted to try another candle brand so I decided to purchase one. The store was actually quite unique and interesting and I had no idea he sold so many different products like clothes, handbags, even chocolates. I think the best way to review this candle is to list pros and cons. The scent I bought was Green Tea. They had full size candles, mini travel candles, and diffusers. My other favorite scents were Fig, Lemon Verbena, and Lavender Leaves.


-the scent throw is very good and strong, enough to fill a large room
-the scents are natural and authentic, not overly sweet or synthetic


-it doesn't come with a lid so it can gather dust when being stored
-the wax did not pool all the way across so I don't know how evenly this will burn
-it is VERY expensive - $30 for 10 oz - way too much

In conclusion, although I am enjoying this Green Tea candle a lot, it's not gonna be my new favorite candle brand as the Henri Bendel associate tried to predict. They are no longer sold at Bath and Body Works so they're difficult to find and with no coupons or sales that I'm aware that this boutique does, these are too expensive.

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