Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Winter Candle Picks 2011

Maybe I should have posted this entry sooner since B&BW just got in their new scents for spring and if you can find the winter scents still, most of them are on sale to move them out for the new season. But these are the scents that I'm currently burning since it's definitely the dead of winter right now.

Winter by Slatkin & Co.

This is still an all time favorite and a must have every year. It's one of the most unique candles I've ever smelled. Bathandbodyworks.com describes it as "Inspired by freshly fallen snow, perfect holiday getaways and the ultimate winter wonderland, Winter is a festive blend of shimmering pine, crisp bay leaf, orange clove and warm winter woods."

Twisted Peppermint by Slatkin & Co.

Although I do like Jack Frost better when it comes to a pepperminty vanilla candle, I have to say I haven't even burned Jack Frost yet this year and I've been getting by burning this scent and have really been enjoying it. "A refreshing mix of spearmint and mandarin, layered with iced peppermint, vanilla extract and sugar musk." Like I stated in my comparison between this and Jack Frost back in an entry when I first started this blog, this is a peppermint vanilla while Jack Frost is a vanilla peppermint.

Jack Frost by Yankee Candle

This might be my all time favorite candle from Yankee. It's sweet and minty at the same time while also invoking an invigorating extreme fresh feeling like you're out in the snow in a winter wonderland. Love. The biggest disappointment here was that it was extremely hard to find this year. I believe it returned as (I forget the term they used) a returning favorite or something. Mainly it seemed like they retired it as a regular scent and brought it back in limited quantities by popular demand. It seems they tried to recreate this scent this past Christmas but nothing came close. Yankeecandle.com describes it as "Winter cheer ... a playful, invigorating mix of icy cool peppermint and sweet vanilla snow cream."

Frosted Cranberry by Slatkin & Co.

I wasn't even going to buy this scent this year. It wasn't new and I never felt like it was a scent that I needed but I can't get enough of it right now. It's a cooling cranberry scent and a nice departure from woodsy/pine scents in winter. "Frosted Cranberry is the perfect blend of white cranberry, juicy peach, wild strawberry and sparkling raspberry."

Fireside by Slatkin & Co.

I have mixed feelings about this scent. The first time I burned it, I liked the extreme woodsy feel about it and it did remind me of firewood but when I burned it tonight it just smelled like men's cologne and gave me a headache. There's no sweetness to this scent whatsoever. It's very manly and reminds me of mahogany or something. This candle is very different than any other Slatkin I can think of, so if you can find this one still in stores, you be the judge on this one. It seems like I have to be in the right mood to burn it but it can be cozy when it's really cold and snowy outside. "A blazing fire in wintertime, this blend of cedar and sandalwood is layered with leather and the richness of amber."

Ugh. I'm over it. I cannot WAIT for spring. :-)

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