Monday, January 10, 2011

Kiehl's Liquid Hand Soap Review

I'm back! Happy New Year! Ok now hopefully no one will say that anymore cause that gets old quick. I recently went on a shopping trip to Philadelphia where I went to the Premium Outlets in Pottstown and King of Prussia Mall. So the next couple reviews will be what I found there. First, was something I was introduced to in NYC but finally had to purchase in Philly:

Kiehl's Liquid Hand Soap "Coriander"

I don't know much about this company. It looks like they specialize in skincare and I think I've seen them sell products on QVC now and then. Since I don't experiment much with skincare and it doesn't have the fragrance that I love, I moved to the body care section. They had a sink in NYC to sample the soap, so that's where I fell in love with this product.

Number 1: This is ridiculously expensive. It's $16 for 6.8 fl oz of soap. So I want to get that out there first. But I still ended up buying it in the store. I'm gonna try to explain it without getting crazy. The texture is different than most soaps. It's very thin and liquidy and you only need a tiny amount (no more than 1 pump). Then that little amount works into a very nice lather easily. The smell is herbal and fresh and not overpowering and almost reminds me a little bit like boxed hair dye but in a good way (I know that sounds crazy but try it and see). You can just laugh and disreguard that statement if you've never tried this scent. Then it rinses clean away without drying your hands. This is the first soap in a long time I can think of that doesn't make me run to moisturizer afterwards.

Here's some specifics on the bottle from the brand. "Our special formulation for hands uses gentle coconut derived cleansers, vitamin E and botanical extracts - including chamomile and aloe - to gently cleanse, soothe and recondition skin." You can purchase this in stores or on their website

I know it's expensive but if scents intrigue you and can invoke a response like relaxation, then it's a small price to pay for indulgence.

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  1. I have to have it as well. Thanks a lot! I used their grapefruit soap in the store yesterday, and I was surprised at how great it smelled. I normally don't care for grapefruit one way or the other, but this one was very interesting. Kiehl's only offers (limited) sales around the holidays, so I cannot start an obsession with their $16 soaps! (Plus I already have 3-4 BBW soaps lined up waiting to be used. haha)