Sunday, January 31, 2010

Foodie Scent

Slatkin & Co. Vanilla Shortbread

I just checked the B&BW website and apparently they're not selling this candle anymore so, sorry if you wanted to get this one. There's always ebay. I bought it right before Christmas. This scent should definitely be called lemon shortbread. This smells exactly like the lemon cream cake dessert thing at Olive Garden. It also reminds me of the lemon sugar body line Bath & Body Works had a couple of years ago. It's lemon, then sugar, then cake. It's not bad but not a favorite of mine. It's a little too sweet and lemony for me. Little less sugar next time.

**Update - The more I burn this one, the more I like it. Sometimes it reminds me of Cap'n Crunch cereal too! Haha.


  1. So I have a RARE discontinued candle now? How fancy! Couldn't agree more about winter/spring scents. I'm not really ready for spring yet, but I haven't been burning my winter/balsam/spice quite as often as before. I suppose I could go for my new Lemon Lavender Yankee, Spa Fresh Yankee, or White Citrus Slatkin, but it's too early for all of those. We need a good February scent!!!

    PS-What is Yankee 'Beautiful Day'? I just saw it on their website. I also expect FULL reviews on all the new Slatkins: Nectarine Mint, there are some interesting ones I never noticed before. Any yay or nays on Eucalyptus, Green Tea & White Pear, or Sandalwood Fig?

  2. Don't you worry. I'll be continuing to post weekly without fail with full reviews of numerous scents. I'm going to South Hills Village this weekend and there's a White Barn there so...I'm trying to hold back my excitement. Plus I'll probably be taking regular trips to Yankee as well. This is an investment now. Oh Beautiful Day - I texted you about every single one of those new spring scents! I'm sure the rub and sniff flyer I had is out of smell now so I'll have to see if I can make any comments on that still. Just stay tuned!! And nectarine mint? I like it as the anti-bac soap? So not sure I'll be buying the candle.