Thursday, January 21, 2010

Renuzit Pearl Scents Review


I saw the commercial for the Renuzit Crystal Elements (the little rocks in a vase) Amber Vanilla Scent and I was interested but when they didn't have that new scent in the store, I went for the Pearl Scents in "After the Rain". It was an "odor neutralizer" so I figured I could put it in my bathroom and forget about it. ...Ten minutes later sitting in my living room, I had enough and threw it away.

This is a small plastic jar with a bunch of little oily beads inside - kinda pretty. After peeling the seal off the top, there's a decorative lid (well it's just gray plastic) with openings for the scent to come through but so the beads don't fall out. The smell is cheap and very strong. Extremely strong. I thought they had improved on the quality of less-expensive fragrances but I guess you still do get what you pay for. The store I went to, KMart, had Orchard Garden (which I couldn't smell since the scratch n sniff sticker didn't seem to have any more smell to it) and Pure Breeze (and that one was just pure awful). They didn't have the lavender one, which I might have liked better but the scent to these is too strong for me. Plus I'm not huge fan of constant fragrance which is why I like to burn candles and I never use Wallflowers or Scentports. I don't like to smell a strong scent every single time I breathe in.

I bought another home fragrance product from KMart so that review will come next. I've been kinda broke so I thought I would give the cheap stuff a try. Stay tuned to see if I ever try it again.

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  1. The Pine Scent version or Renuzit is horribly strong too. No ingredients listed their website either, even though the product label claims it should be there posted. It's also making my nose feel itchy. Wonder what's in it?!